An American Thanksgiving in Oz – the Sequel

Ben and I recognise and appreciate the fact that we live very fortunate and privileged lives.  We have had so many wonderful opportunities and are surrounded constantly by amazing and generous friends.  The past few months we have had some pretty rough events transpire and have relied on one another more than ever before for support.  I am so very lucky to have found a partner who I can trust and rely on absolutely.  I love him more with every passing day.

I think that it’s often easy to give thanks when all is well but more important to appreciate blessings when they are not.  For this very reason, we pushed forward and invited all of our friends over for another American Thanksgiving in Oz.  We were overwhelmed by the turnout – 32 people for dinner to be exact.  I’ve never cooked for that large a group before!

Our friends Ray and Annie were visiting from LA and we got to enjoy a long weekend with them as well. We put them to work chopping and peeling along with a few other helpers that we could cram into our very small apartment until we were able to access the event space and kitchen we booked in our building.

It was a great evening stuffing our faces and putting aside any worries and stress to enjoy the moment. We are thankful more than ever for the friends we have made here in Australia who have helped us through some rough waters and have ensured that we are well taken care of despite being so far from family and friends in the states.

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