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Suggestions of restaurants, sites, events, etc. are all welcome. The more specific you are, the better! While we are happy to know that you loved Melbourne or New Zealand on your last vacation down under, specific details would be more helpful to guide us in our adventures 😉


  1. This is going to be so much fun reading about your adventures there. While we’ll definitely miss you both, we know you’ll embrace this journey with excitement and a spirit of adventure. Keep posting! We love reading about it all!!

  2. As usual May, you do not disappoint! Congratulations on the exciting adventure you two have embarked! I will be looking forward to frequent updates about life in Melbourne, your adventures and how you are putting ALL those amazing amenities to work!!

    Miss you much,

  3. Hi, May and Ben! I SO enjoyed my trip through your adventures! What a great way to lee pin touch while so far away! OMG, the marsupial video is a riot!!!! Thanks, May, for the recent visit, and I’ve signed up to receive your updates. Ben, you’re so respectable and businesslike now, I hardly knew you! 🙂 I’m so sorry you weren’t with May for her visit. I am so, so proud of the both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ed told me about your website and here I am. Trisha, Francis, Ed and I are looking forward to our trip Down Under in March. I am sorry that Trisha and I will not be able to spend time with the two of you. This website is the perfect way to visit with you and May. We expect you to resuscitate your mother and father from the flight while they are with you. We want them to be in top notch condition by the time they join us in Western Australia. The time zone in WA is almost to the minute 13 hours (taking into account daylight savings time) difference. Our friends in Bunbury tell us that it will take a good two days to adjust. Again, it is great to see the two of you here and keep the pictures and comments coming. Thanks Ricky

  5. I have been friends with the Ferguson’s my entire life. I have enjoyed reading about the wonderful adventure Frances and Ed are having with you. Many years go Frances’s mother and father and my mother had a trip to Australia. It is so nice meeting you in this very round about way.

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