About Us

Why don’t seagulls live in the bay?…. Because then they would be called bay-gulls!


This is a testament to where a little adventure and a whole lot of love can take you! We are a couple who decided to pack up and leave our amazing home in San Francisco to temporarily live as expats in Australia.

Moving to another country was something May we always talked about doing. We started exploring the possibility through both of our jobs.  Initially, London was looking to be the most viable option. Then, Ben’s company presented us with the opportunity to move to Australia and we knew we could not turn it down – how often does a company offer to move you across the world to a place such as Australia?!?!  So here we are in Melbourne exploring the land of Oz and all its neighbors neighbours.

When we told our family, friends and co-workers that we were moving, they expressed a range of reactions – some were shocked that we would move across the globe to a country we had never even visited before while others joined in our excitement. Many immediately started planning their vacations to come visit and more than a few laughed about how May can never truly stay in the same country for too long.

We ourselves went through the gamut of emotions from elation to anxiety.  On the 20+ hour journey over, we smiled holding hands and asked each other if we had made a huge mistake or if everything was awesome. So here we are embracing the excitement over this next phase of our life together.

Through this site, we hope to share our experiences – both the fun and challenging – of expat living and perhaps shrink the gap of being so far from many of our loved ones.