Just Desserts

This post doesn’t particularly have anything to do with Australia other than the fact that we live here and, as in the states, we enjoy hosting friends now and then. On Saturday evening, Ben and I invited several friends over for a ‘Just Desserts’ party.

As children, we’re taught to finish our vegetables and finish all our homework and do all the chores that are supposed to shape us into responsible people. All these tasks come before treats and rewards such as desserts. Well, now we’re adults and while that comes with much larger burdens, one of the upsides is that if we want to have desserts for dinner, then so be it!

I baked several desserts including pumpkin cheesecake, triple chocolate mousse cake, linzer cookies, lemon tart and brownies. One of the guests also brought over a delicious creation of her own while others contributed the night’s beverages.┬áCake was had by all and by the end of the evening everyone was glowing from the sugar high (the wine may have contributed too).

Hope your weekends were just as sweet! … and that everyone enjoyed the Superbowl (Yo Gabba Gabba looking back up dancers and Missy Elliot guest spot – what’s not to love?).

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